Friday, October 19, 2018

Ann and Linda

Talking about the passing of Tom Feher, a member of the Left Banke, led to my revisiting Linda Ronstadt's cover of "Walk Away Renee," a hit in 1966 for the Left Banke. She performed this as a duet with Ann Savoy (who I was not familiar with) on her final album, "Adieu False Heart" (2006). Turns out that Ann is well known as a cajun music performer, author, photographer, producer, artist, mother of other musicians, etc. who has had several performing groups with family members.

Ann and Linda are articulate on the subject of music and musical families that perform, as this collaboration illustrates. It surprised me to realize how many well-known musicians are related and the impact it can have on their sound. This audio recording was a "pilot" if you will for a series that was not continued.