Monday, August 20, 2018

New (Used) Camera Time

The first time I purchased a DSLR, it was the Canon 20D (2005). That was intended to shoot ice skating and it served pretty well for that purpose. I wanted to update but not splurge, so I researched cameras which would have presence in the "previously owned" market and offer system options such as battery pack, specialty flashes, etc. My first serious film camera was an Olympus OM-1 which was purchased while I lived on Okinawa (1976-77 USAF tour). Later I found an OM-2 on closeout at a retail store. Olympus impressed with their light-weight bodies, thoughtful user interface and system approach so for this 2018 acquisition I focused on their digital offerings.

B & H Photo in NYC had a used Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mk1 (2013 model) that seemed to fit the bill. Their rating system and return policy is decent so I pulled the trigger and stuck one of my Rokinon video camera prime lenses on it this past weekend. These are Micro Four Thirds system lenses and I have 3, but all are fully manual and hefty to lug around. You have to set aperture and pull focus by hand. No biggie but the Olympus body is smart enough to give tons of control over auto focus, exposure, etc.

Check back as I update this Flickr album with (hopefully) more sophisticated shots. Due to the many features of this camera, my plan is to work through a tutorial as time permits.

Olympus OM-D Test Shots

[Update] Album shot with new (used) 12-40mm lens:

Train Gang