Monday, March 26, 2018

Become A Citizen News Reporter

I have been learning to use an app called "Filmic Pro" on an iPhone lately. Also available to Android devices, this handy program turns your smart phone into a smart camera as well. Various features to control the look of the video are placed at your fingertips and it even helps control any unwanted movements, i.e., shakiness that may result from lack of a tripod.

A 2nd program is made by the same people to remote control the phone from a tablet if you like. Purchase both the apps as a bundle for $20 at the appropriate online store. More details and info on related accessories at

This is a short video captured using an iPhone 7 and Filmic Pro. It was edited on an iMac with Final Cut Pro, an Apple editing suite but similar results can be had with a variety of tools on Windows or Apple computers.

Later I will post an interview-style video using miking placed directly on the "talent" (person being interviewed). To my ears it improves intelligibility to place the mike closer this way but you need some other components to get the audio onto the phone.

Have fun capturing the news! And stay tuned for suggested ways to share your news. Many do not even require a Facebook account!

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